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Do you live in Missouri? Beware!

Every house is haunted. Hairy beasts roam the woods. Evil witches rise from the grave. Demons possess people's souls. Aliens experiment on kidnapped humans.

OK, I'm exaggerating. But only a little!

Missouri really is a scary place. Don't believe me? Just read these shocking TRUE stories about monsters, mayhem and madness in the Show-Me State.

Momo Stalks the Midwest

Momo, the Missouri Monster, is a Bigfoot-like creature with a pumpkin-shaped head and glowing eyes. It kills dogs, scares children and attacks automobiles. What would you do if you encountered him one autumn night on a lonely country road? Better read this story to prepare yourself.

Bigfoot Researchers Encounter the Unknown

When you see a footprint in the woods and hear something growl next to you, there is only one thing to do - run! A close brush with the elusive hominid turned an average married couple into a pair of intrepid Bigfoot hunters.

Lurid Legends & Spooky Spirits, Part I

The facts behind the creepy legend of Molly Crenshaw, a witch who was cut in half and buried in two graves. Beneath the ground, her dismembered body lives. Her undead mind plots. One day Molly will rise and seek vengeance!

Lurid Legends & Spooky Spirits, Part II

The good news - you have a new job. The bad news - your office is haunted! When her boss leaves town, a woman is left alone in a building full of angry spirits. Only a team of "ghostbusters" can save her!

Equadome Became Home To Urban Legends

This abandoned government testing facility became famous for Satanic cult activity. Police found evidence of animal sacrifice. Were humans killed as well? The government finally tore it down, but the notorious "Equadome" survives in urban folklore.

Who You Gonna Call?

Do evil entities haunt houses and invade souls? How do you get rid of them? Catholic priests and self-styled "exorcists" debate the nature of evil and the existence of demons.

UFO Investigations

The aliens aren't coming - they're already here! Are they friend or foe? The Mutual UFO Network wants answers. Members recall the close encounters that compelled them to join this coalition of paranormal investigators.

Something's Spooky on Main Street

A French-speaking ghost is making cigarettes float across the room in John Dengler's tobacco shop. The phantom Frenchman is just one of many mischievous ghosts haunting the 200-year-old buildings on Main Street, St. Charles.

Real-Life Ghostbusters

Phantom children are running through a house. Snippy ghosts are pulling out phone lines in a hair salon. Paranormal investigators try to find the truth behind these hauntings.

Mall of the Dead Mired in Gore, Controversy

Open a haunted house attraction with zombies rampaging through a deserted shopping mall - cool idea! Sprinkle it with sordid sexual scenes performed by teenage actors - dumb idea! Even bloody horror requires a bit of good taste.

Ze do Caixao Gallery

My humble homage to Brazilian horror icon Coffin Joe (Ze do Caixao). For Halloween 2004, I spent a foolish amount of time and money creating an authentic Coffin Joe costume and posing for these stylish photos in a spooky graveyard. If you want to see how far I go for Halloween, take a peek. (And check out "Diary do Demonio" below!)

These breathtaking stories were written by the curiously talented Raymond Castile, a newspaper reporter and lifelong resident of Missouri. When he is not reporting on ghosts and Bigfoot, Raymond Castile collects vintage monster toys. He is the creator of the popular Web site, The Gallery of Monster Toys. He also produced and directed the 1995 documentary, "In Love With Toys." Raymond Castile has written numerous articles for toy collector magazines and contributed to several toy collecting books. As an expert on monsters and popular culture, he has been interviewed by major newspapers and magazines.

Diary do Demonio

Copyright 2004 by Raymond Castile.